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Short Grain

Swarna Masoori
(West Bengal, Chhatisghad, Bihar, U.P., Gujarat)
We are one of the fastest growing company in the world and our company engaged in supplying and exporting of Swarna Masoori .we have lot varieties of Swarna Masoori. It is one of the best rice which is non-sticky, its’ taste is mouth watering and hygienic. Swarna Masoori rice can be easily swallowed, its' taste and nice fragrance have won many hearts across the world and now it is your term. We are ready to supply you the quantity of Swarna Masoori at affordable price. Our company is waiting to your enquiry.

Type of Swarna Masoori Non Basmati Rice:-
• BROWN Swarna Masoori Rice
• STEAM Swarna Masoori Rice
• PARBOILED Swarna Masoori Rice
• RAW Swarna Masoori Rice

Short Grain

Sona Masoori (Ponni Rice)
(Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka)
Our company is India’s most prominent exporter and supplier of Sona Masoori. We have exclusive array of rice in which Sona Masoori is best one because of its taste, freshness, purity and high nutrition. We are engaged in supplying of it at best and affordable price. We always try to maintain quality in our activities. Our purpose is to ensuring our customer's satisfaction. For your satisfaction you can take enquiry, we are looking forward to your enquiry.

Particular Features of Sona Masoori (Ponni Rice):-
• Best fragrance
• Hygienic quality
• Exotic aroma

Type of Sona Masoori Non Basmati Rice:-
• BROWN Sona Masoori Rice
• STEAM Sona Masoori Rice
• PARBOILED Sona Masoori Rice
• RAW Sona Masoori Rice

Brown Basmati Rice

B.P.T. (Shambha)
(Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, U.P., Bihar)
We are most prominent supplier and exporter of B.P.T. (Shambha) rice which is known as Shambha Masoori rice. It is light weighted and medium grain rice. B.P.T. (Shambha) rice is highly demanded by clients for its quality. B.P.T. rice is easy in cooking and its taste is delicious. Numerous clients like B.P.T. (Shambha) because of its top notch quality and nice aroma. We provide it at on low price which you can afford. For very details contact soon.

Distinguishing Specification of B.P.T. (Shambha Masoori):-
• High quality of B.P.T. (Shambha)
• Delicious taste
• Light colour

Type of B.P.T. (Shambha) Non Basmati Rice:-
• BROWN B.P.T. (Shambha) Rice
• STEAM B.P.T. (Shambha) Rice
• PARBOILED B.P.T. (Shambha) Rice
• RAW B.P.T. (Shambha) Rice

Brown Basmati Rice

Idli Rice
We are well known and top brass supplier and exporter of a comprehensive range of Idli Rice in Tamilnadu and all over India. We make it available very easily because of our wide distribution network across the India; we have various varieties of it which has top quality like- light weighted, delicious and freshness. We are trying to give top notch quality at very affordable price. Our company is looking forward to your inquire, for wide details contact us soon.

Prominent Features:-
• Short grain
• Non-sticky
• Bold pulp

Type of Idli Non Basmati Rice:-
• BROWN Idli Rice
• STEAM Idli Rice
• RAW Idli Rice

Brown Basmati Rice

Rose Matta
(Kerala, Tamilnadu, Karnataka)
Our company one of the prominent supplier and exporter of rose Matta rice across India. Our company supply Rose Matta rise in Kerala, Tamilnadu, and Karnataka and all over India We try to give best quality and best material of rice kernel. We have wide distribution networking; because of this you get easily at any time your quantity of Rose Matta rice. Rose Matta Rice is one of the preeminent rice categories. Rose Matta rice is rich in fibre and nutrients. Rose Matta rise maintain it flavour while cooking. For Information you may visit us or can inquiry.

Simple Features:-
• Rich Fibre and nutrients
• Healthy
• Perfect taste

Type of Rose Matta Non Basmati Rice:-
• BROWN Rose Matta Rice
• STEAM Rose Matta Rice
• PARBOILED Rose Matta Rice
• RAW Rose Matta Rice

Brown Basmati Rice


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