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Long Grain

IR64 Non Basmati Rice
(Andhra Pradesh)
We offer a wide range of Raw Rice in various range of IR64 Non Basmati Rice, which is processed by boiling the reaped paddy, which is dried before being sent to the processing unit. This process ensures that most of the basic nutrients of the outer shell enrich the rice thus making it tastier. Further, we pack this rice in proper packing material thus ensuring that our range retains its features for a longer period of time.

Brown Basmati Rice

IR36- Non Basmati Rice
(Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Bihar)
We are one of the leading producers and suppliers of a wide variety of Non Basmati Rice IR36, which are manufactured in compliance with the international standards. These are renowned for their aroma, taste and affordable prices. We also offer customized packaging solutions as per the clients’ needs.

IR36 – (6mm) Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Bihar.
IR36 – (6.4mm) Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Gujarat

Brown Basmati Rice

IR8 Non Basmati Rice
Our company is engaged in offering IR-8 Rice Non Basmati Rice that is of superior quality. IR-8 Rice Non Basmati Rice has a marked amount of aroma both in cooked or raw state. Our IR-8 Rice Non Basmati Rice is 92% traditional variety and is properly sorted using latest techniques. Which is widely demanded by across the globe? The IR-8 non basmati rice offered by us, has long grain and takes less cooking time. Further, IR-8 non basmati rice can be availed in different quantity packaging as per the buyer’s requirement.
• Length         : 5. 8 to 6. 0mm
• Moisture         : 14%
• Shortex         : 100%
• Discolor grain         : 0%
• Broken         : below 5%
• Cooking         : good

Brown Basmati Rice

(Punjab and Haryana)
We are engaged into supplying and exporting of long Grain Rice PR106. We have well recognized sourcing and own production mill set ups and store of many variety of rice is readily available at ports where we have our warehouses for faster delivery in Punjab and Haryana are using High quality Raw Material (Rice). PR106 Variety of Rice is a good source of Protein and a staple food several parts of All Over India. PR106 Punjab and Haryana Non Basmati Rice are catered to various clients spread across the globe. PR106 Rice is Superior Quality. Machine sortex clean quality 5% broke Rice. We packaged our range in most hygienic manner to retain its freshness and aroma.

Type of PR106 Non Basmati Rice:-
• BROWN PR160 Non Basmati Rice
• STEAM PR160 Non Basmati Rice
• PARBOILED PR160 Non Basmati Rice
• RAW PR160 Non Basmati Rice

Brown Basmati Rice

(Punjab and Haryana)
We are involved supplying and exporter of PR11/14 Rice in (Punjab and Haryana). It is the best& high grade and good quality Indian rice. We ensure that these can be made available to our clients of Punjab and Haryana. PR11/14 (Rice) Punjab and Haryana are process at our plant that is well able to with hi tech machines, under the unnatural environment. PR11/14 is Raw Rice and careful useful for Diabetic patients. Our range is available in different quantity to suit the preferences of our clients. . It is easy to digest and have good nutrient content. We offer our variety (PR 11/14) at market leading prices. Our foundation our variety of rice from supposed cultivators.

Rice Specification :-
• Foreign Matter : Nil
• Live & Dead Insect : Free
• Broken : 1.0% to 5% as per requirements (Max.)
• Black Grain : Nil
• Moisture: 13.0% Max.
• Colour of the Grain : As per Sample
• Crop : Running Crop

Type of PR11/14 Non Basmati Rice:-
• BROWN PR11 / 14 Non Basmati Rice
• STEAM PR11 / 14 Non Basmati Rice
• PARBOILED PR11 / 14 Non Basmati Rice
• RAW PR11 / 14 Non Basmati Rice

Brown Basmati Rice

(U.P and Uttaranchal)
We offer Pant4 Basmati Rice for (U.P and Uttaranchal) & All over India. The cereal crop is known for its rich nutritional value and is a major source of carbohydrate nutrient of verity Pant4. It is generally used in various types of cuisine across the globe known as Basmati rice which is easy to cook in a short time. Pant4 (Rice) is highly delicious range of products. Furthermore, these products are offered in safe and hygienic packaging’s to maintain. The Pant 4(Rice) of cooked basmati rice can be identified uniquely. Rice (4) farming is well-suited to countries and regions with low labour costs and high rainfall, as it is labour-intensive to cultivate and requires sufficient water. Rice can be grown almost anywhere, even on a steep hill or mountain for our Indian Farmer.

Features of Pant 4 (U.P and Uttaranchal)
• It is high Effective’
• Pant4 variety of Rice is long shelf life.

Type of Pant4 Non Basmati Rice:-
• BROWN Pant4 Non Basmati Rice
• STEAM Pant4 Non Basmati Rice
• PARBOILED Pant4 Non Basmati Rice
• RAW Pant4 Non Basmati Rice

Brown Basmati Rice


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